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The Revolution of the Right | Jake Muscat

"Ieals are not fully themselves until they are transmuted into forces." – Benedetto Croce

The Communist way of solving the eternal issue of Individual versus Society is certainly not the way of the Western World. The West has always placed emphasis on the free activity of the human spirit as prime mover of the forces shaping the course of human history. In contrast to this, the Communist way has always been linked with historic materialistic determinism, as the true agent conditioning the aspects and the development of human life.

Since the end of the Cold War however (I would argue even prior but that is a topic which merits its own write-up) the Communist model lost to the Capitalist one which succeeded. The problem being faced nearly half a century later is the fact the Capitalism has ended up destroying its very own possibility of realisation. Over time, the Capitalist system itself has progressively disintegrated itself by giving birth to a vast accumulation of products facing vast hordes of starving men who are not entitled to the consumption of those products which are destroyed instead of distributed. Back in the 1980s, Margaret Thatcher had coined the phrase “property owning democracy.” Over 30 years later, one can say that the word Democracy has now all but lost all meaning. What meaning can Democracy have for the masses when you cannot vote out the multinationals and globalist corporations which control Western governments by their pockets?

The final effect of Democracy on human life is a levelling tendency, resulting in a uniformity of ideas, of institutions, of habits, of laws, which in the end would kill all originality, all individuality, and all moral and spiritual greatness.

It is the vision of the incompatibility of Capitalism with Democracy which led Marx to prophecies a Communist Revolution as the only means of escaping from the collapse of all social order. The dictatorship of the proletariat can never be the solution to the great defects of Capitalism pretty much because of the fact that if Capitalism entails exploitation, Communism is exploitation on steroids.

Since the Western man has been corrupted, and with him all of society, it is only necessary that a new man be born out of the ruins. Am I touching revolutionary tendencies here one might ask? In a sense, yes, but in a sense, also no. Most right wingers generally use the term ‘Conservative’ to describe their ideology. As a right-wing activist myself, I only use the term ‘Conservative’ for comprehensive reasons because ,when you think about it, what is there left to conserve? The truth of the matter is that the current Liberal order must crumble if the West is to be saved. Therefore a revolt is naturally needed.

Just as leftists and liberals revolted against the pre 1960s established order of things, the right must now revolt against its ideological enemies to get Western Civilisation back on track.

A right-wing revolution does not have the scope of bringing about a Materialist Utopia on Earth. The revolution of the right must bring about the realisation of an order founded on everlasting, life-inspiring ideals on which our Civilisation was built on. Unlike the left, the right, and when I s

ay right here I am referring to that right born out of opposition to the French Revolution of 1789, tells us that human history is not simply a story of eternal class struggle; it is teaching us also that there is a way to end class warfare by subordinating both to the common good of a higher cause, namely the Patria and God above all. The exploitation of one class by another is not compatible with Christian tradition of social justice. Whereas Communism seeks the dictatorship of the proletariat, and pure Capitalism the dictatorship of big business, the opposition to this must be class co-operation for their own good and for the good of the nation as expressed in the Papal encyclicals.

The revolution of the right is thus a revolt against Liberalism in social theory, social practice, and economic practice, as well as against all Materialist ideologies which negate the transcendent.

A revolution is more than just a revolt in this case. Although a revolt only destroys and cannot build anything, the revolution of the right seeks to reinstate the classical order of things in line with natural law. The revolution of the right must have the aim of making man once more a believer in the reality of the unseen, require that he assume again a humble attitude towards the unsolved mysteries of life, and death, and birth and creation, require that he experience again the power of great forces of the spirit.

I am being rather unorthodox by claiming to be both a right winger whilst at the same time utilising the theme of revolution in this write-up. However the truth of the matter is that revolution is needed when, at the end of a long process of decadence, the people has already lost, or is on the point of losing, all historical form. Therefore the right must counter the liberal revolution through its own revolutionary means.

All writings reflect the views of the author and not necessarily the views of CYOE.

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