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Modern day Europe is one of diverse religious faith and observance. However, we can not put aside that Europe was built upon the foundations of Christendom. 

The values of Christendom continue to inform us all, whether that be in our own everyday thinking or the in our nation's institutions. You can not separate Christianity from Europe. to do so would be to uproot Europe itself. 

To accept this is not to deny the rights or reality of those of other faiths. Nor is to ignore the long and established communities of Muslims in the Balkans To accept this is to fully appreciate the culture our forefathers have passed down to us. 

The CYOE accepts and welcomes those of all faith traditions.



It has always been a Conservative belief that family is the foundation of society. Family is the connection to both our past and future, it is where everyone's basis of support lies. The key to a successful nation is a happy and secure family life for all its people.

The most secure, effective, and appropriate way to create a happy and secure family life is marriage. Marriage, due to its spiritual and legal significance, forms the perfect bedrock to create both mental and economic stability for children. 

The preservation and promotion of marriage and as such family is the key for any future European sucess. 



The sovereignty of a nation should never be undermined. It is for a nation and its people, alone, to decide what is best for them. For a nation to be dictated to by an outside organisation that has no understanding of its culture, traditions, and people is nothing more than an afront to the dignity of said nation. 

National sovereignty is paramount to Conservative thought, by recognising this cooperation between countries across Europe can not only be strong but also effective. 



Long gone is the oppression of our liberties by Communism in Eastern Europe. But, many of our freedoms are under attack in modern day Europe by parties from across the spectrum, this can not continue. The youth must stand up for our hard won liberties.

Never do we wish to see again the rights and freedoms of our peoples taken away by such a cruel enemy. 

Inside of a Church

Traditional and Heritage Preservers

By our very nature, we Conservatives are traditional. We feel connected to our past, to our heritage. We desire to preserve and protect this heritage as it is a, if not the fundamental foundation to our being.

We look to the past to give us hope.

Our traditions, our cultures, and our heritage has to be protected. Whether that be our public art, our architecture, our churches, or our customs. 

Image by Tembinkosi Sikupela

Respect for Human Dignity

Respect for Human Dignity is a fundamental Conservative belief. It is our understanding that all life should be respected as sacred, from conception to natural death. 


Respect for one another must continue to be a pillar of European society, with no exceptions. 


 ​It is for this reason that we reject all forms of extremism. 

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