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Conservative Youth of Europe

Ruined Ancient Architecture
Image by Gabriella Bortolussi
Image by Clay Banks
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Who we are

We are a youth movement set up to support young European conservatives and their ideals, as well as promote Conservatism as a viable option for the youth of the Continent. 

Our values

There are many strains of Conservatism, but we all share fundamental values; faith, family, sovereignty, liberty, and the desire to preserve our traditions and heritage. 

No matter your strain, these values we share and as such these values we wish to promote and protect.

Saint Peter's Basilica

Our Story

Founded in 2021, Conservative Youth of Europe is a young but determined movement set up to support and promote Europe's conservative youth.

We were founded out of a desire to see, not only Europe's protection and preservation but its success.

Image by Christian Lue

Will you join us?

Conservatism in Europe has many strains, but if you agree with our values and wish to see them promoted across Europe then please, join us.​



If you wish to contact us to discuss roles or relay any questions, then use this tab. If you would like to join us as a member then click on the join us tab in the menu or click here.

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